Nearpod 9.0 now available for iOS

What’s new: Nearpod 9.0 now available for iOS

August 16, 2016The Nearpod Team


Just in time for back to school, a new Nearpod update is available on the App Store with a new look & feel, revamped functionalities, and improvements to enhance your classroom experience. You can download this new version here and start engaging your students!

The update includes:

~ Full support for Folders (iPad only): You can now organize your Nearpod lessons into folders! Easily group lessons by class, grade, subject, or unit. We have updated this feature so that:

¬ All lessons in folders won’t appear in the main library screen

¬ You can put each lesson into only one folder

Create folders to organize your lessons

Add lessons to your Nearpod folders


~ Content Search (iPad only): Navigating Nearpod’s ever expanding library of ready-to-teach K12 lessons is now easier than ever. Search by subject, grade level, or free vs. paid to find the perfect lesson for every class.

You can search content by grade, subject, free and paid

Filter content and see what content best suits your needs


~ Interactive preview of lessons (iPad only): Now you can easily explore the content and experience the interactive features of each lesson before downloading or purchasing it.

Preview all content and features in a lesson before getting it


~ Office 365 login (iPhone + iPad): Now you have the option to login using your Microsoft Office 365 credentials.

Log into your Nearpod account with your Office 365 credentials

Enter your Office 365 credentials to log into Nearpod


Download the new iOS app today here!

Happy Teaching!

The Nearpod Team

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