Using Nearpod to Support Differentiated Instruction

Introduction Regardless of grade level, every classroom is full of students with different needs and different ability levels.  Teaching to the “average” works for some students, some of the time, but it is rarely enough to support every learner.  That’s why differentiation can be such a powerful instructional approach. Despite the fact that differentiation has […]

Hit the Ground Running in September with Nearpod Essentials

Lessons can be fluidly customized to meet the needs of your classroom, ensuring your students receive the best interactive learning experience possible.

#NearpodChat: Digital Citizenship in the Classroom – July, 2017

We recently wrapped up another successful #NearpodChat on Digital Citizenship in the classroom. Check out some of the highlights from the discussion!

Ready to Run PD from Nearpod: Engaging Professional Development Resources

Author and Speaker Monica Burns shares a review of Nearpod’s new engaging Professional Development program: Ready to Run PD!

Portfolio Spotlight: Nearpod & the Classroom of the Future

In this blog, Nearpod CEO Guido Kovalskys talks about Nearpod’s journey, the accelerating disruption of K12 education by mobile and cloud technologies, and his predictions on the classroom of the future.

Shared Stories of Pedagogical Practice – Part 3: Global Collaborators

With increased interest in models of learning that emphasize learner-centered instruction and the construction of deep understandings of the world, teachers and students are seeking out practices that move learning past walls of classrooms and that harness the power of the global experience.

Introducing Nearpod 3D

We are excited to announce the arrival of Nearpod 3D, a library of 100 stunning 3D objects that you can easily add to your Nearpod lessons. Nearpod 3D adds a new dimension to digital learning that encourages students to participate in lessons in a more meaningful way.

Facilitating Teacher PD with Nearpod Homework

Nearpod is not just for student learners! San Francisco Unified School District is using Nearpod presentations in Homework Mode to deliver personalized teacher professional development online.

Released: Case study on Nearpod in San Francisco’s middle schools

We’ve been working with San Francisco Unified School District to design and implement interactive Common Core Math lessons that change the way students learn.

Student- Driven instruction in Harvard’s laboratory setting

Guest Blogger Pamela Levine sat down with Education Science Programs and Curriculum Specialist at Harvard Medical School, Robert Simpson to learn more about Harvard Medical School’s Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Hinton Scholars Program.