The Student Produced Nearpod Lesson: An Engaging Way for Students to Learn About a Topic in Depth

This is a guest blog post from Peter Paccone, an AP US History teacher in San Manino Unified School District, California. Four months. That’s all it took for me to become a big fan of Nearpod – the relatively new yet highly acclaimed educational technology application. I first heard about Nearpod sometime after Spring Break. […]

Using Nearpod to Support Blended and Flipped Learning

Introduction As technology is being used to support student learning in more and more classrooms, blended and flipped learning implementations have become more common.  While there are distinctions between these two types of learning environments, central to both is the idea of student-centered learning. As defined by the 2017 National Education Technology Plan, blended learning: […]

Disrupting Teacher Professional Development One Workshop at a Time

This post is written by Melissa Pelochino, the Director of Teacher Professional Development at Nearpod.  

Four Ways to Help Kids Take Ownership of Their Learning

  Learning is not a passive process. Students are not sponges for facts. Teachers cannot assume they will have each pupil’s full attention simply by standing in the front of the room and talking. Injecting exciting visuals and interactive elements within a lesson is a step in the right direction, but to be an effective […]

Hit the Ground Running in September with Nearpod Essentials

Lessons can be fluidly customized to meet the needs of your classroom, ensuring your students receive the best interactive learning experience possible.

Avoid Brain Drain With Interactive Learning: The Key to Engagement

Nearpod’s interactive activities can increase student engagement, collaboration, critical thinking, and most importantly, it helps make learning fun.

Shared Stories of Pedagogical Practice – Part 3: Global Collaborators

With increased interest in models of learning that emphasize learner-centered instruction and the construction of deep understandings of the world, teachers and students are seeking out practices that move learning past walls of classrooms and that harness the power of the global experience.

For Teachers by Teachers: The Nearpod Authors Program, Part 2

Last month you met Nearpod Authors, Cathy Yenca, Paul Thebert, and Jennifer Nichols. This week, meet Philip Knieriemen, Mara Merly Delgado, and Kimberly Sara Simpson.

For teachers by teachers: The Nearpod Authors Program

Interested in becoming a Nearpod Author? Meet some of our Authors and find out more about the joining the program.