Spring Release: The Empowered Teacher!

April 11, 2019The Nearpod Team

Hold the bat signal – this is NOT your heard-it-before hero’s journey. You have your own story to tell.

Being a teacher super hero means being you and this release is for educators on a mission to supercharge productivity, organization, and student engagement.

Nearpod's spring release is for educators on a mission to supercharge productivity, organization, and #studentengagement.Click To Tweet

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Unleash your own brand of superpowers to:

Turbocharge Planning with the New Google Chrome Extension:

Create Nearpod assignments directly within Google Classroom. Plus, it’s free and available for any subscription!

Activate Super Speed with Clever SSO:

Explore the seamless integration to securely access Nearpod through your Clever account.

Organize in a Flash using Drag & Drop:

Effortlessly manage school and district libraries

Leverage X-Ray Vision with Slide Audio Recorder:

Take this new design update and easily view entire slides while recording audio.

Instill Heroic Traits using Social & Emotional Learning:

Discover 130+ ready-to-run lessons that build relationship skills, self-management, and responsible decision and provide direct instruction in SEL skills.

Deliver an Energy Blast with MORE PhET:

Take 26+ new simulations and bring hands on science and math instruction into the classroom.

Untangle Folder Mayhem using New Subfolders:

Take your web creation powers to the next level – organize MyLibrary to place folders within folders for subfolder perfection.

 *Drag and drop is available today for school and district licenses.

Dream Up a Dynamic Duo with Newsela:

Ignite engagement with 60+ new learning experiences – featuring Newsela’s leveled texts and Nearpod’s engagement moments.

Introducing Nearpod’s First Gaming Experience!

Catch a sneak peek of Time to Climb – a new gamified activity to up the competition and engagement in your classroom.

Nearpod + Google Classroom:

Access your Nearpod Library within Google Classroom to assign live and student-paced lessons directly to your students.

EMPOWERED Teachers Unite with Nearpod’s Spring Release!

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