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#PioNearChat Topic 11: Blending Digital and Analog Learning with Nearpod

May 26, 2015The Nearpod Team

​Tuesday, May 26th at 7pm EST David Lockhart will discuss strategies for how to integrate analog and digital learning in the classroom. We will discuss the differences between analog and digital learning, how they mix, and how Nearpod fits into the equation!

​Join in on the chat by following the hashtag #PioNearChat!

Questions for the Chat!

Q1: What is Analog Learning?
Q2: What is Digital Learning
Q3: Can the two mix? If so why?
Q4: What are some great analog activites you have done in the past?
Q5: What are some great ways to include digital activities in Analog ones?
Q6: How can you adapt Nearpod to include it in analog activities?
Q7: What creative ways can you use the draw function in analog activities?
Q8: What are some other alternative ways to use Nearpod?

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