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Nearpod’s New FREE Resource: Warm Ups

September 9, 2015The Nearpod Team
Nearpod Warm Ups are short, engaging and free lessons for K-12 students in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Take a look at how to use them for pre-assessment and instruction at the beginning of the school year and beyond.

I’ve been guest blogging for Nearpod for a while now, but last month I published my first lessons to the Content Library! They’re part of Nearpod’s Back to School “Warm Ups:” 80 short, engaging and free lessons that prepare students for the Common Core State Standards.

The Warm Ups are simultaneously a pre-assessment and an instructional tool. Teachers can use them to:

  • elicit information about students’ readiness to learn various skills and concepts
  • gather information about students’ attitudes and initial interests
  • provide a hook that engages students when introducing a new topic
  • guide whole-group and differentiated instruction

Every Warm Up was created by an expert teacher and leverages Nearpod’s interactive features. There are lessons for K-12 in Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, as well as the six icebreaker activities I developed.




Warm Ups are for more than just the beginning of the school year! Here are some ways to use them with your students:

  • Introduce Nearpod in a low-stakes way in your classroom
  • Set up a learning center with a Warm Up in Homework mode
  • Differentiate instruction by using Warm Ups that are up or down a student’s grade level
  • Use the Share button to anonymously display and use mistakes as opportunities to quickly clarify concepts in a digital version of this teacher’s “Favorite No” activity.

Find and download the free Warm Ups here, and tell us how you’re using them by tweeting @Nearpod and @Possibly Pamela.

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