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#NearpodChat: Digital Citizenship in the Classroom – July, 2017

July 19, 2017The Nearpod Team

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a #NearpodChat on Twitter to facilitate the discussion around Digital Citizenship in the classroom across schools and districts. Joining us this time was PioNear and Technology Integration Specialist Jodee Lund from Minnewaska Area Schools in Glenwood, Minnesota.

Here are some of the top Tweets in response to July 11th’s #NearpodChat on Digital Citizenship!

Q1: How are you encouraging students to take ownership over their behavior online?


Q2: How do you inspire and empower students to use web tools and social media for good?


Q3: What are some strategies for teachers to embed Digital Citizenship content into everyday curriculum?


Q4: What do you hope to accomplish with your school or district’s Digital Citizenship initiative?


Q5: What success stories can you share from your school/district’s Digital Citizenship initiative?


Q6: What strategies does your district use to educate the community and parents on proper digital use?


Other highlighted Tweets



See the whole discussion for July’s #NearpodChat here.


Join us for our next #NearpodChat on August 2nd where we will be discussing Back to School!


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