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Lunch Count and Sign-in Procedures with Nearpod

August 16, 2018Julie Harris

This morning I woke up with an idea: I think I can use Nearpod for morning sign in and lunch count. This would be a great way for me to teach my students some of the basics of Nearpod and to get more comfortable with using it. This would be a great way for me to have practice accessing my reports and using the results.

I made a beeline for my computer and started to play around. Like most things I do, I over thought it at first. Then, I realized that students are required to sign into a lesson to join it. Attendance, done! Now lunch count. My tinkering brought me to the conclusion that the 2 activities best suited for lunch count were poll and quiz. If I use a quiz, then I’m counting how many people chose which answer. Poll has the information organized already meaning less work for me. Students get practice spelling and typing their name (good things to practice in elementary school!) and I will have a quick and easy way to see what my lunch count numbers will be. Win/win!

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I’m excited about the possibilities! I hope that you play around a bit and give it a try too! Below is a screencast if you want to see exactly how I created it.


Nearpod can be used core classroom subjects. Leverage technology in the classroom to strengthen classroom management and procedures to make your life easier!
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