Your Guide to ISTE

Your Guide to ISTE

June 13, 2019The Nearpod Team

Conferences can reignite and inspire, but they can also be tiring and stressful. We feel your pain! Which is why we gathered some of the best tips and tricks you can use to prep for ISTE. These tips by professional conference attendees will encompass everything you need for your guide to ISTE.

The Sessions

Look over the sessions before you go to the conference. I always pick 1-2 options per time slot.This helps make a game plan.
Schedule down time to collect your thoughts between sessions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information you’ll be hearing
EXPECT to not make it into every session, and by that I mean each time slot, not just each preferred session in a time slot.
Use your phone camera to take pictures of the screen with the web address for the session. You won’t lose it! Create a Wakelet to curate all of your session sites. Create a Wakelet or Google Doc to curate all of your session sites and resources.
Don't be afraid to leave a session if it's not what you expected. Sometimes it can be hard to tell from the description. And don’t skip the the poster sessions!

The Vendor Floor

During your time at ISTE, stop by the Nearpod booth!
You’ll want to experience Nearpod’s newest gamification feature, Time to Climb!
We’ll also be showcasing new never-before-seen major updates!

Click on dates below to see what to expect throughout the conference from Nearpod: 

          Rachelle Dene Poth
Patricia Smeyers Dr. & Thomas Tufaro
Amy Brown, Mark Gura, & Michele Haiken
     CRT and Edtech Go Together Like PB&J: Let’s Jam!
     Blair Mishleau
     Go Way Beyond Presentations: App-Smashing PowerPoint With Nearpod, Teams & Websites
     Kim Lewis
     Beyond These Walls: Making Global Connections to Elevate Learning
     Jamie Antoun & Monica Padgett
     Fostering a Growth Mindset in a Personalized, Innovative and Learner-Centric Classroom
     Emily DeLuca & Samantha Edwards
         Joanna Bradshaw, Greg Hall, Melissa Pelochino & Carolyn Sykora
         Connecting Culture to Instruction Through Flocabulary’s Lyric Lab
         Jaclyn Woerner & Kyle Reed
         Monica Burns
         Launching Problem-Based Learning Units Using Nearpod
         Michele Dawson & David Parker
         Using Nearpod to Differentiate Instruction
         Allison Keefe & Emily Sattler
         Reading Rap Battles: Comprehension in the YouTube Age
         Lloyd Goldberg & Carie Thibault
         Nearpod and Office 365 Integration
         Michelle Singh
         Using Technology to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom
         Melody McAllister & Lindsay Rothfeld
Take business cards with you to easily exchange with new friends and vendors..vendors will do door prizes etc. I like to take a little stapler and attach my business card or make labels to just stick on instead of filling out the same info over and over to be entered in the drawings. Leave room for swag in your suitcase.
I learned at my last ISTE to always ask questions when the presenters open the floor. When in the vender halls be strategic with where you stop and what your listening to.....In your down time always ask people who went to other seminars about what they learned( I missed the Apple presentation on their education platform and got to see the notes that person wrote down)-download a scanning APP for your phone or tablet like i did and ended up getting notes and info for 17 seminars I was unable to attend.

Make Connections

Be flexible and if it's your first ISTE be prepared to be overwhelmed! It's like Disneyland for the Tech Ed Lover! Some of the PD You will get is in between sessions with people you meet in coffee lines, sharing an Uber or dare I say the restroom.
Get tickets to Edtech Karaoke early, because they will run out.

Dress Code & Food

Wear comfortable shoes and layers. You don't know what the temp will be like in the hall.
Bring your own snacks lines are very long!

There's Your ISTE Guide!

And there you have it! With the help from these handy tips, you now have all you need to know for your guide to ISTE. Although prepping for the conference can be overwhelming, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience! Allow yourself to be inspired and ignited and we guarantee it will all be worth it.

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