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Introducing Nearpod and OZY!

February 26, 2015The Nearpod Team
We are thrilled to announce that Nearpod is partnering with OZY — one of the fastest-growing digital magazines in the country.

OZY launched just over a year ago with the mission to educate its readers to see more of the world and do more in their lives. Every morning, OZY catches you up on the latest headlines with the smartest news summary around and then vaults you ahead with compelling profiles of people, trends and places long before you see them anywhere else. Guido Kovalskys, Nearpod’s CEO, has been an OZY fan since its launch, and one of the first things he reads when he wakes up is the OZY news summary, aptly called the Presidential Daily Brief.

OZY founder Carlos Watson is the son and grandson of teachers, so education is in his blood. And in Nearpod, he’s found a unique partner to bring OZY’s cutting-edge content into schools. “Nearpod is changing how we teach our kids,” says Watson, “by bringing current events into the classroom.”

Together, we will convert the news into carefully designed interactive Nearpod lesson plans, available for free in the Nearpod Store. Our shared goal is to help teachers enlighten and stimulate conversations with their students — it’s all about creating teachable moments.

We will release two new lesson plans per week, curated by OZY editors, based on what is happening around the world and topics we believe will intrigue you and generate meaningful discussions with your students. Additionally, we will send you a weekly newsletter that contains other articles you might use to spark conversation in your classroom or in your teacher’s lounge.

We are so excited to bring these two organizations together and thank you for joining us in our mission to educate tomorrow’s leaders.

We hope you and your students enjoy every one of the OZY lesson plans, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


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