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Enhance your exit tickets with Nearpod & Zeal

April 26, 2016The Nearpod Team

Zeal Exit Tickets Folder

Nearpod exit tickets are an excellent way to assess student comprehension at the end of a lesson. These questions help teachers gauge student understanding, which allows teachers to target specific students with extension or remediation activities. Nearpod exit tickets also help students solidify new knowledge and give them a chance to reflect on what they learned.

Examples of comprehension exit tickets include:

  • Name one important concept you learned from this lesson.
  • Explain the steps you would take to solve this problem.
  • Do you have any questions about what we learned today?
  • Summarize the main points of the lesson.
  • In what situation would the material in this lesson be useful?

Exit tickets are also a great way for teachers to gauge whether the lesson was effective and interesting. Lesson evaluation exit tickets might include:

  • Did the activity during the lesson help you better understand the material? Why or why not?
  • Did you find today’s topic interesting?
  • What would you add to this lesson to make it more interesting/fun?
  • Was any part of this lesson difficult to follow?
  • Did you enjoy the use of Nearpod for this lesson?

Nearpod exit tickets can be short quizzes

While open-ended questions are great for discussion and reflection, quizzes can be an excellent tool for seeing if students can take what they have just learned and apply that knowledge effectively. Exit ticket quizzes should be short, taking no more than 5 minutes for a student to complete, but still give the students a preview of what an extension assignment or project might look like.

Nearpod exit tickets can be collected in different ways

Teachers can present exit tickets to the class and collect responses orally, but might find that not all students will participate, and that students who don’t participate are less likely to admit to any comprehension issues or challenges. Many teachers ask students to write their exit ticket response and hand it in on the way out (a literal exit ticket!), but why use paper and your free time for grading when you can use Nearpod?

Using a Nearpod lesson allows you to tailor your exit ticket to the lesson of the day, and keep all of the responses organized and automatically graded. The quiz function can be used to check overall comprehension by presenting students with questions and problems you taught during the lesson. You can also use the open-ended question or Draw It  activities to allow students to explain their thoughts or give you feedback on how they confident they feel about the new material.

Our new partner, Zeal, is here to help

We recently partnered with Zeal to create Nearpod exit ticket. The pilot program includes exit tickets for each of the 33 Common Core math standards for grades 4 and 8.. Each exit ticket contains a quick quiz and a poll that allows students to reflect on how they felt about the quiz and the lesson. Topics covered include  Irrational Numbers, the Pythagorean Theorem, Graph Relationships, Scientific Notation, and more!

Zeal’s exit tickets on Nearpod also help teachers evaluate class comprehension as a whole. Students might seem attentive during class, giving the teacher the impression that everyone is understanding the material. However, exit tickets might reveal that once the students were asked to solve problems on their own, they weren’t quite ready to do so. Exit tickets can help teachers decide if students should be helped on an individual basis, or if the entire class might benefit from a lesson review.

Make sure you check out Zeal’s new exit tickets! Even if you don’t teach 4th or 8th grade, they can be a great tool to review prior knowledge or offer a preview into next year’s topics. ! Try them out and let us know what you think on Twitter – @nearpod

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