On Tuesday, July 14th at 7PM EDT join us on Twitter by following the hashtag #PioNearChat to discuss your experience with integrating Digital Citizenship into your curriculum.

Shawn Kim, Academic Technology Specialist at Stanford University, will be leading the discussion:

What does it mean to be a 21st century student? In a connected world, our students have unlimited access to information, giving them opportunities to research, create and communicate like never before. This dynamic new world requires new comprehension and communication skills, as well as new codes of conduct, to ensure that the powerful media and technologies are used responsibly and ethically. (source:common sense media white paper)

During our #PionearChat on Tuesday, July 14th at 7pm EDT, we’ll have chance to talk about digital literacy and citizenship, share our experiences around this topic, and discuss the technology and curriculum that support digital literacy and citizenship.

We’ll be covering the following topics amongst others:

1. What kind of curriculum is in place at your school to educate students on digital literacy/ digital citizenship?

2. How can we, as educators, help students understand what it means to be a digital citizen?

3. What tools/websites do you use in your classroom that support digital literacy & citizenship?

4. Do you have any tools/ sites that you can recommend to help other educators design a curriculum that educates students on digital citizenship?

5. With a busy school day and limited time, how does your school/community help students become upstanding digital citizens? Who is responsible for leading the charge?

Be sure to follow the hashtag #PioNearChat and include it in each of your tweets during the discussion on Tuesday night, July 14th, at 7 PM EDT (4PM PDT). See you there!

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