The 20 Best #NearpodTips from 2018

January 11, 2019The Nearpod Team

Happy New Year, everyone!

This past year, we launched the hashtag, #NearpodTip in an effort to provide an outlet for our community to share what they do best…innovate, create and collaborate!

Here are the 25 best #NearpodTips from the community (in no particular order)!

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Make your Lesson Global

Add a FUN first slide to your Nearpod Lesson

Use the Nearpodize Chrome Extension

Explore more of the Nearpodize Chrome extension.

Nearpod for Reviewing Lessons

Nearpod as your Newsletter

Nearpod for Differentiation

Read about how other teachers are differentiating with Nearpod.

Access Unlocked Exclusive Content

Have you tested the unlocked content? Visit here.

Embed FlipGrid and other favorite sites to Nearpod

Nearpod for Progress Monitoring

Personalize learning with Nearpod using these other ideas.

Ideas for using the Collaborate Board

Learn more about Nearpod Collaborate here

Using Nearpod for your Community

Use Nearpod beyond the classroom with these 10 ideas!

Using Nearpod with your LMS

Tricks for using Nearpod’s Draw-It Feature

Nearpod for Sub Plans


Plan for absences that keep students on their academic path! Click here to learn more.

Getting Started with Nearpod

Matching Pairs w/Timer Tips

Learn more about Matching Pairs with Timer.

Using Student Notes with Nearpod


Have you seen the Student Notes Redesign?

Add an Activity in Real-time


Do you have an idea not listed above? Leave a comment below with your favorite #NearpodTip!

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