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Nearpod + Apple Schoolwork

June 29, 2018The Nearpod Team

Nearpod brings interactive lessons and activities to Apple Schoolwork!

Let’s say you are a physics teacher and want to assign a Nearpod lesson for homework. To start, log into your Nearpod account and choose which lesson and activity you want students to engage with. Just launch it in student-paced mode!

Within Apple Schoolwork, you can easily assign this student-paced Nearpod lesson to your students. Just add a title and description for the activity – all the different student-paced lessons are available for you to choose.

The Nearpod team is excited to deepen our integration with the Apple Education team and continue to make device integration meaningful for teaching and learning.Click To Tweet

The student experience is completely seamless – When they visit Schoolwork, they see all their handouts assigned to them. No need to type in a code or anything, students just engage in the activity, enjoy the content, interact with the activities and when they are finished, they just check the box saying “I’m done” in Schoolwork.

As a teacher, you can easily monitor the progress of all your students and see who has finished their lessons.

Finally, engaging in-classroom content and activities from Nearpod integrated with Apple Schoolwork.

Learn more by watching the video below:

Learn more about Nearpod and Apple Schoolwork so you can integrate technology in the classroom with ease!
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