3 Ways to Use Nearpod During the Summer

June 1, 2020The Nearpod Team

When someone tells you that it might be nice to have Summer’s off….do you smirk and laugh? We know that Teachers are just as busy in the Summer planning for next year, or in professional development to fuel their craft. Whatever your work might be, Nearpod can help. Here are 3 Ways to use Nearpod during the Summer.

1. Delivering PD? Use for Summer Professional Development

Summer time is the perfect opportunity for professional development. Whether you’re a listener or a presenter, one thing is certain. We all want engaging trainings. Read about 6 ways to transform your next training, presentation or conference experience here.

After reading the above post about all of the reasons why Nearpod has been teacher’s go to resource when presenting at conferences. Read tried and true ticks to engage your audience during these presentations here.

2. Send Student-Paced Codes to eliminate the COVID Slide

In our Virtual End of the Year blog post, we linked some excellent resources that can be used for end of the year or in the Summer. Take for example our Virtual Reality Student Paced Code Template! Add student-paced codes, and set the expiration to the end of Summer.

3. Get Ready for the Next School Year

We asked teachers how they plan on using Nearpod to get ready for the following school year and added their responses below!

Organize your lessons so it’s easy to navigate

Just like your teacher table, we know you probably like to throw your lessons into your Lesson Library. Summer is the perfect time to organize them into Folders and color code so that you can easily grab what you need, when you need it…quickly!

Adapt your material you’ve created the past few years to Nearpod so you’re prepared for a virtual or physical environment

Curious how to get started adapting your current lessons into Nearpod? Read this post to learn more.

Want more resources? Explore our Summer Resources Toolkit!

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