Monthly Archive:: April 2018

Building Equity and Engagement with Nearpod VR

Virtual Reality is exciting, engaging, and brings a real-world aspect to lessons that wouldn’t be possible otherwise while filling the gap between students.

Using Collaborate as a Springboard for Class Debate

Student voice is very much about student choice and Nearpod’s Collaborate feature provides a simple and powerful way for students to do that.

Engaging Learners Using Nearpod and Hands-On Activities

After years of teaching young learners, I’ve come to the realization that finding the perfect blend of engagement and effectiveness is key for my students.

Taking Nearpod Beyond Classroom Instruction

Every month Nearpod is releasing more and more content.  As educators, we know there’re more events that take place than just your status quo everyday class instruction.

PioNear Summit 2018

Nearpod keeps teachers at the center of everything we do and the Summit was an outlet for employees to connect at a deeper level with Nearpod’s PioNears.

Providing Students an Outlet to Discuss Tough Current Events

Teachers need to create a safe environment in which students are more apt to express themselves during classroom discussions without feeling vulnerable.

Nearpod Creates Leaders

Nearpod itself creates leaders. It allows for teachers to collaborate, share, and be creative, and other teachers take notice of that.

Keeping up to date: The latest updates to Nearpod

Curious about what we’ve been up to at Nearpod? Check out all the latest features that we’ve added that will engage and inspire your students.

Get the Best Teacher Professional Development and Run with It

The Ready to Run PD team goal is to empower local leaders to facilitate research-based, experiential professional development.