Monthly Archive:: July 2016

Nearpod Essentials – Teaching Tips

In our quest to bring high quality, engaging, and interactive content to teachers, we’re proud to present Nearpod Essentials! Each of these 22 bundles are a curated set of the best Nearpod resources for your grade or subject area.

Easily Convert Your Google Slides + PowerPoint presentations into interactive Nearpod lessons with “Nearpodize”

We updated our “Nearpodize” extensions to make it easier for you to convert your Powerpoint and Google Slides slideshows into interactive Nearpod lessons.

Nearpod’s ISTE 2016 Recap

ISTE reinforced our belief that we’re building something that can positively impact every student and teacher, and we’re grateful to our passionate community of educators who continue to support our platform and our company!

5 Nearpod Tips and Tricks for this School Year

“I’ve put together a list of my favorite Nearpod tips and tricks for teachers getting ready for the upcoming school year. These are just a few ideas for teachers who are new to the tool or teachers who have lots of experience with Nearpod.”

Engaging English language learners with Nearpod

PioNear Jodee Lund, a Technology Integration Specialist in Minnewaska Area Schools, Minnesota, recently used Nearpod to engage 11th grade students in Zhenghou, China to teach them US History. Jodee was kind enough to share her experience!

Personalized Learning with Nearpod

“In a classroom of 18 elementary students, it can be difficult to address the needs and interests of everyone. Lucky for me, my whole school has a Nearpod subscription, which enables me to personalize learning for my students with ease.”