Nearpod Authors Program

Create. Inspire. Impact.

Expand your impact far beyond the walls of your classroom!

Join the Nearpod Authors Program to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that inspire meaningful learning. As an author, you design ready-to-teach, digital lessons that are available in the Nearpod Store.

We're looking for educators who are:

Male educator enlightened by the miriad of possibilities of nearpod
  • Willing to step outside the box of traditional education
  • Experienced in designing instructional resources
  • Able to creatively leverage Nearpod's interactive features
  • Willing to adapt, improve, and adhere closely to our design and editorial guidelines
  • Passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge

The benefits of being an author:

Globe with representations of different subjects

Become an educational innovator by designing technology-enhanced lessons.

Professional development

Enjoy access to exclusive opportunities for professional development and collaboration.

Happy teacher on top of podium

Gain feedback, inspiration, and recognition from a wide network of educational professionals.

Coins being saved

Get compensation for every lesson that is approved and published in our storefront.

Nearpod Featured Authors

Meet some of the inspiring teachers that create lessons for Nearpod!

Author Larissa Kelsey

Larisa Kelsey Middle School Science

"My inspiration to be a good teacher has always been my students. There's nothing more motivating than a class of students excited to learn every day because you have made learning fun and meaningful. Nearpod has always been an excellent way to teach students material without being the traditional facilitator."

Check out her lessons!

Author Kimberly Sara Simpson

Kimberly Sara Simpson Elementary - MATH + ELA

"As a Nearpod Author, I am proud to play a role in changing how teachers engage and interact with students. Nearpod lessons are powerful game changers in today's classroom. I am thrilled to be a part of this team."

Check out her lessons!

Author Cathy Yenka

Cathy Yenca Middle School Math

"Being a Nearpod Author empowers me to design and share lessons infused with my personality and teaching style, knowing that the engagement that happens with students in my own classroom can happen for students globally... now that's a unique opportunity to impact teaching and learning!"

Check out her lessons!

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